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Blacklist - Did you see my missing shoe? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Blacklist [Jul. 9th, 2011|04:27 pm]
Call me anal, but here's the big blacklist.

1. Deadbuyer: rebeccalau_@live.com
2. Deadbuyer + Trouble maker:

3. DISHONEST BITCH: jennylim93@hotmail.com

Traded my sephora eyeliner and sephora mascara with her shoes. GDI SHE'S SUCH A DISHONEST BITCH.
She named the shoes 'Ohsofickle Flatforms' and that it is brand new. Went all the way down to Serangoon just to get the items and I get a pair of worn out shoes and they were from Hong Kong, not OSF.


Would you believe that they are new? To add on, there is a horrid stench on her shoes so I'm really definite that her shoes have been worn.
That bitch continues to argue and say that her shoes are new, and the smell came from the cupboard she kept the shoes in. Bitch please. Find a better lie. Then refuses to trade my items back and goes missing.

I hope no one ever deals with her ever again. I hope karma gets you, really.

4. rxychjunkies@live.com

She was blacklisted by a few people, but I went ahead and gave her a chance. Dealt with her twice, both unhappy experiences.

First deal, she initiated the trade. Item’s were not in good condition, didn’t state defect, misunderstood me and became really rude, hard to meet up and expected me to meet at her convenience.

Second deal, I needed an iPhone dock urgently and she had one, so I initiated a trade. As usual, incredibly hard to find a time for meet up and exceptionally hard for a good location.

Stated that the dock was in good condition, comes with warranty and box. Later then mentioned that if I wanted the warranty card, it’ll be at $90. But because I am “very interested” she’s willing to give it to me at $80. (Her prices fluctuate whenever she likes?)

She eventually cabbed down to my area to do the meet up, and I ran around the whole estate because her cab went around the whole area. Dealt and found out that the dock was filled with dust, and most of all, there were scratches on the reflective surface. Worst, there wasn’t the warranty that I supposedly paid for. She claimed that she left it at home on her table, and she refuse to post the item because she’ll make a loss. But if it’s her fault because she didn’t bring it, shouldn’t she make an effort and post it? It’ll only cost her 26 cents seeing that it is a thin document, but she refuse to and claim that she don’t do normal mail.

Later on claim that that the dress measurements were wrong. I mentioned that I don’t have a measuring tape with me, but I later on provided measurements with a ruler. I am pretty certain that the dress is 32” long, but she claims that it is 29”. There may be human errors, but please, that’s 3 inches difference.

Oh right. You dont do normal mails. Look under your T&Cs. And your facebook page? WHERE IS IT.

Why I didn’t want to trade back:
1. She already tried on the clothes. Should she dirty or cause any defect (One of the items is a crochet dress. Everyone knows that if you aren’t careful, it can be easily damaged), I’ll be making double losses.
2. She’s at fault. I don’t see the point of trading back the dress and doing this whole deal again.
3. Hard to find meet up time. She later mentioned that her sister schools at the school opposite my place and wanted a trade back. WHY CANT YOU JUST ASK YOUR SISTER TO PASS ME THE WARRANTY CARD?
4. The trust wasn’t there anymore. I feel like if I were to agree to this trade back, I’ll most probably get some negative impacts from it again.

I have no one to blame, but myself. I saw those blacklist posts, and I even asked about their stories. The owner gave me advices but I didn't heed them. I gave her two chances and she blew two of them, and took away the “trust you should have when doing a deal”. TWICE. Two times, I came back disappointed.

My personal advice: Don’t attempt to deal. Don’t waste your time, effort and money. Sometimes people are blacklisted repeatedly for a reason. They are probably not worthy of your trust.

If you want to clarify matters, or if you think I've maligned you, mail me at onemissingshoe@gmail.com
Similarly, if any of them above did the same thing to you, or if you blacklisted them as well, do mail me too.